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Conflict resource – Wikipedia

The concept of ‘conflict resource’, or ‘conflict commodity’ emerged in the late 1990s, . Further, the proposed regulations would require companies to maintain records relating to the country of origin of conflict minerals used in their products.

80% of Companies Don’t Know If Their Products Contain

However, Section 1502 does not require firms to avoid DRC conflict minerals — it simply requires them to make a good faith effort to disclose the source of the minerals in their products.

Conflict minerals frequently asked questions (FAQs): PwC

This list of frequently asked questions is a supplement to the PwC Dataline, SEC adopts conflict minerals rule – Public and nonpublic companies in many industries affected. The conflict minerals and covered countries in the rule align with those identified by the US State Department (available on .

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection

The issuer, however, is not required to disclose the products containing those conflict minerals in its Conflict Minerals Report or provide certain other disclosures specified in Item 1.01(c)(2) of Form SD because those products are “DRC conflict free.”

Conflict Minerals – MidAmerican Energy

Conflict Minerals MidAmerican Energy is committed to taking proactive measures to ensure that products and raw materials received from our suppliers are responsibly sourced.

Midway Products Group, Inc. | Conflict Minerals Statement

Midway Products Group, Inc., Inc. reserves the right to request additional documentation from its suppliers and regarding the source of any Conflict Minerals included in its products. We also reserve the right to conduct supplier audits to ensure that this policy is being followed.

Progress and Challenges on Conflict Minerals: Facts on

 · Section 1502 on conflict minerals of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a transparency measure, and one part of a …

What Are Conflict Minerals? | Source Intelligence

Like the similar issue of Conflict Diamonds or Blood Diamonds, the term Conflict Minerals refers to raw materials that come from a particular part of the world where conflict is occurring and affects the mining and trading of those materials.


FACT SHEET. Aug. 22, 2012 . The facilities used to process the conflict minerals in those products. The country of origin of the conflict minerals in those products. The efforts to determine the mine or location of origin with the greatest possible specificity.

Silicom Ltd. | Connectivity Solutions | Conflict Minerals

Minerals originating from conflict regions can end up in electronics and many other products such as jewelry, airplanes, and automobiles. Greater awareness of the atrocities in these regions on the part of the public and end-use industries has prompted leading companies in the electronics sector to investigate their supply chains to determine steps to promote […]

Midway Products Group, Inc. | Conflict Minerals Statement

Midway Products Group, Inc., Inc. reserves the right to request additional documentation from its suppliers and regarding the source of any Conflict Minerals included in its products. We also reserve the right to conduct supplier audits to ensure that this policy is being followed.

Conflict Minerals Policy | Sonoco Products Company

Next, Sonoco developed and implemented a conflict minerals training program to educate relevant Company personnel about the conflict minerals disclosure requirements and the steps necessary to determine whether necessary conflict minerals were contained in products manufactured by Sonoco or in products for which Sonoco contracted the manufacture.

U.S. GAO – Conflict Minerals: Company Reports on Mineral

What GAO Found. GAO’s review of companies’ conflict minerals disclosures filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2017 found that, in general, they were similar to disclosures filed in the prior 2 years.

Conflict Minerals | https://www.tosohsmd.com

The CMRT template provides a common means for the collection of sourcing information on minerals that could potentially originate from these “conflict regions”. This document declares Tosoh SMD, Inc. and its suppliers’ products to be deemed “Conflict Free”.

Conflict Minerals Awareness Data and Analysis | IHS Markit

A top supplier of diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products has reduced risk by completing conflict minerals reporting for more than 800 global suppliers of 100,000+ parts within 9 months — providing decision makers with visibility and confidence in the company’s full compliance.

Conflict Minerals Policy – Air Products & Chemicals

Air Products is concerned that the trade of conflict minerals mined in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) may be fueling human rights atrocities in the region.

Conflict Minerals – Fossil Group

Continued training of our suppliers related to our Conflict Mineral Policy and our expectations about responsible sourcing of 3TG minerals. b. Enforcement of contractual terms with suppliers. . Description of country of origin of the Conflict Minerals in our products, if known.

Conflict Minerals: Frequently Asked Questions

3 Is the filing by public companies of an annual report about any Conflict Minerals used in their products only for one year or is it an on‐going requirement? This is an on‐going requirement each year.

Conflict Minerals Reporting Template

Conflict Minerals Reporting Template. The Conflict Minerals Reporting Template is a free, standardized reporting template developed by the Responsible Minerals Initiative that facilitates the transfer of information through the supply chain regarding mineral country of origin and smelters and refiners being utilized.

Supplier Responsibility Expectations – 3M Global Gateway

All public companies must evaluate their product lines to determine whether they contain necessary conflict minerals and if so, file a Form SD by May 31 annually beginning in 2014, for products they manufacture or contract to manufacture in the year 2013.

Conflict Minerals Reports – The Enough Project

The Enough Project’s 2017 conflict minerals company rankings examine 20 of the largest companies, as defined by market capitalization, in two of the industries which consume the most tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold: consumer electronics and jewelry retail .

Congo’s Conflict Minerals: US Companies Struggle To Trace

Conflict minerals are found in mines around the world, but the spotlight is often on the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has has some of the richest mineral deposits in the world.

Conflict minerals – ey.com

products contain conflict minerals and whether, for each product, such minerals are necessary to: 1.he functionality of the manufactured product T 2.he product’s production process T If the conflict minerals are not necessary, the issuer will not be

Conflict Minerals | Deltrol Fluid Products

Deltrol Fluid Products (“Deltrol”) is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding respect for human rights, integrity and environmental responsibility.